A Modern Space
in a Pristine Place

Welcome to The Ruby Cora

Gunn Farm proudly sits in a small community called Port Royal in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Gunn Farm was established in 1886 by my Great, Great Grandfather, William Henry Gunn and wife Cora. The farm is approximately 140 acres and is a registered Century Farm in Tennessee.

– Marcia

Get Married at The Ruby Cora

Our life’s experiences have shown us a significant decline in genuine hospitality.

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous of your lifetime. We offer the kind of focus that is quite surprising, yet delightful to encounter.

It begins with your first visit, then expands as we all anticipate your wedding day. Your family and guests will be welcomed, relaxed and then go on to rave about your wedding day.



Perfect For All types of Events

The Ruby Cora is the perfect place for your next event. The event center boasts a spacious design and an open vendor policy.

All You to All Inclusive

The Ruby Cora maintains options for all, as choices for our customers is one of our hallmarks. Some individuals are planners, we are happy for you to create the details of your event.* Most however, welcome our expertise and value having this ‘efficient’ service provided by The Ruby Cora. We have experts and offer a complimentary consultation when we are the chosen space for your event.
*Licensed Coordinators are required for weddings.